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Get Competent Industry Standard Dispatching Services in One Place


Truck Dispatching

As we understand that driving is a crucial factor in the dispatch services business, we only work with trained truck dispatchers to fulfill your needs in every way possible.


Customize Route

Plan your most suitable routes. We will talk to brokers to guarantee timely delivery and proper routing of the shipment. Our brokers ensure transportation and distribution excellence.


24/7 Support

Night shifts or weekend jobs are challenging and usually require premium compensation. On the other hand, we understand the importance of work and provide round-the-clock service to serve you better.


Advanced Reporting

Our robust reporting system allows you to access data from anywhere! We work with well-versed professionals who are good at automated reporting and day-to-day administrative tasks.

Truck Dispatch Company in Texas

Dispatch247 Truck Dispatch Company

As a fully registered business in the USA, you can have complete confidence in working with us. We have our office in Woodbridge, New Jersey, so you can come to see us whenever it is convenient for you. Since 2001, the Dispatch247 truck dispatch company has been serving the transportation industry’s needs by providing truck dispatch services. In addition, we have a staff of professionals experienced in truck dispatching services available around the clock, seven days a week, to assist you with customer support, driver coordination, consolidation of loads, and other logistical matters.

Compared to many questionable businesses with no roots in the US, these are the benefits that set us apart from the competition. Consider the impact! We always hold high standards to deliver exceptional truck dispatch services to our clients and rank among the top dispatching companies in the USA. We work to develop lasting connections with each of our customers in the hopes that they will continue to do business with us.

To ensure that every member of our team provides quality service, a proper level of motivation, training, and education is provided. By being respectful to our employees, we are able to foster loyalty among the staff members.

Trucks Dispatch Company


Dispatch247 is a “Full Service” truck dispatching company that manages all the back-office tasks to compete with notable fleets.

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  • Truck Dispatching
  • Courier Delivery Dispatching
  • Rate Negotiation
  • Management & Paperwork
  • Support 24/7

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Dispatch247 Team


We have been serving the transportation industry nationwide since 2001. We have a team of 100+ professionals ready to assist you.

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What Our Customers Like About Our Truck Dispatch Services

I’ve used Dispatch247 for over 10 years on a wide variety of tasks and their work has consistently been nothing short of superb. If I ever have an issue or concern, it is addressed and resolved swiftly and never becomes a concern again. I could not recommend their services more highly. Give them an opportunity and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Ship A Car Direct, Michael S.

Common Questions

Let us help you solve your main concerns

Dispatch247 FAQ's

What is a transport broker?

Transportation brokers help customers who need to move freight from one location to another by connecting them with carriers. Moreover, they link up their customers with the most convenient service provider using their extensive carrier connections.

What will dispatcher services do for my business?

Simply put, we buy you time to increase your earnings. A Logistics dispatcher helps your firm run swiftly so you may take on more loads by handling all the business support tasks you’d like to outsource.

We also aim to negotiate the best possible pricing for your cargo so that you may maximize your profits.

Isn’t it always easier and cheaper to hire an in-house dispatcher?

Unexpectedly, no. It takes time and money, as well as the use of headhunters, to establish and go through a very rigorous recruitment process if you want to hire talented and competent individuals. Even if you locate what you’re searching for, you will probably need to supply office space, which will add to your expenses. However, as many of our clients have acknowledged, hiring a dispatcher is more affordable than employing one dispatcher full-time. We excel at our work because of our experience, networks, and industry knowledge.

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